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Something Beautiful

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Wake, and I see you out with him
When you lost my love, you seemed lost, my love
So strange, that boy just seems so dim
And you shine like the sun, what were you thinking, love?

Who will mend your broken heart?
And when you fall apart, who's there to pick the pieces up?

Oh, when I close my eyes I just see you
Oh, we'd be so much better together, stuck like glue
I'm thinking this could be something beautiful
I'm thinking this could be something beautiful

Do you remember all those lazy summer days?
Drinking cheap red wine with no sense of time
Lost at the picnic, running, laughing, hand in hand
In body and soul, we meet, flying higher than the trees

Ooh, I love that you're so free
You keep coming back to me
'Cause someday, you'll find I'll be waiting

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